Supporting the Arts & Music of Western Kentucky

(and other places, too)


8/28/19 – The music schedule for County Roots Revival: Pickin’ On A Soldiers Heart is out!  Check it!!!!


8/10/19 – Mark yer calendars!  Music schedule coming soon!!!


8/1/19 –  Podcast # 10 w/ Josh Coffey of The Wheelhouse Rousters is here!  Check it out here on our PODCAST page or on your favorite podcast app! 


Time On the String

Dan Knowles

Also be sure to check out the new album River Folk!

CD Baby





6/17/19 – EPISODE 9 – Ben Sollee is finally here!  Check it out on all podcast apps or on our PODCAST page.  http://www.bensollee.com/


4/12/19 – The first episode of the 2nd season of the podcast has finally arrived!  Our first guest is Nathan Brown of THE SOLID ROCK’IT BOOSTERS.  Check it out on our PODCAST page or on your favorite podcast app!  


Here some homework:

Nathan Brown Ceramics
The Moonshiner’s Ball
Freight House
Paducah School of Art & Design




3/17/19 – Season 2 of the podcast is coming soon! We are super pumped about the artists we have on the schedule. 
We are also very excited about some great new CRAIG RUSSELL songs that are currently being recorded.  STAY TUNED!!!


3/16/19 – Be sure to check out the fantastic new Col. JD Wilkes album, Will I See You One Day In God’s Glory Land?





***Lots of new artists added to the MUSIC page***







10/15/2018 – New Sunlight Gently Jams tunes added!
8/30/2018 – Singer/songwriter Tony Logue sat down with us and talked about his new record Serpents and Saviors and played a tune, too! 
Podcast 7 – Tony Logue
West Kentucky native Jordan Hamlin is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and owner of the stunning Moxe studio outside Nashville. Watch the video, visit the website, and get jealous…
7/9/2018 – It was a blast catching up with Benji Bohannon, The Smiling Drummer! You can check out the podcast here or most anywhere fine podcasts are found. 



Here’s some homework from Benji: 

Jon Hatchett Band

Luke Winslow-King

Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen

Bria Skonberg

Tuba Skinny

Meschiya Lake

Loose Marbles

Sailor Hagar’s Brew Pub

6/29/2018 – Check out some cool tunes from Peachy Mae’s performance at the Maiden Alley!
6/16/2018 – Tony’s Serpents and Saviors is a stripped-down collection of songs covering the gamut of emotion with its rich, haunting stories over an acoustic guitar. Get a copy and get some headphones!

Serpents and Saviors on Apple Music and iTunes

Serpents and Saviors
6/9/2018 – Check out the podcast section to listen to our conversation with the one-and-only Colonel J.D. Wilkes. Here’s his performance of Hoboes are My Heroes…
6/7/2018 – We had a great time sitting down with J.D. Wilkes last Saturday! Stay tuned for the podcast, but in the meantime check out his terrific solo album FIRE DREAM and the Legendary Shack Shakers’ AFTER YOU’VE GONE!!!


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